The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) will be implementing some official fee revisions which will take effect from 1 April 2017. Some of the key changes are listed below:


Trade Marks

  • Application: An application discount of about 30% will be available. However, it will only apply provided the entire specification of goods/services to be filed fully complies with IPOS’ classification practice for this discount scheme. Otherwise, the usual official fees will continue to apply.
  • Renewal: There will however be an increment of about 50% for renewing a trade mark. Trade mark owners may therefore wish to review their portfolios to ensure that their registered marks which are expiring are timely renewed before the fee hike takes force.



  • Request for Search Report or Supplementary Search Report: Fee will be reduced by about 14%.
  • Request for Search and Examination report: Fee will be reduced by about 25%. There will also be an additional discount on the fee to request for Search and Examination Report if a report under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has been established by IPOS for an application entering National Phase.
  • Excess Claims: A two-stage excess claim fee structure will be introduced, with the cap before excess claim fees apply lowered (from 25 claims to 20 claims) and the fee per excess claim doubled.
  • Renewal: Similar to trade marks, there will be an increment of around 25 – 50% for renewing a patent, depending on the annuity period. Patent owners may likewise wish to review their patent portfolios in connection with this impending fee hike.


We would be happy to address any specific questions regarding this matter (including how we can assist IP owners in applying for trade marks under the new official fee discount scheme, or renewing their trade marks or patents) which may be directed to

Ella Cheong LLC