EC Circular: Indian Trade Marks Registry’s Recent Backlog-Clearing Exercise Goes Awry


There has been a recent buzz about a mass backlog-clearing exercise by the Indian Trade Marks Registry conducted in March 2016, as a result of which the Registry ordered the abandonment of numerous trade mark applications. Unfortunately, some applications were abandoned erroneously.


Whilst subsequent developments have gone some way towards resolving this issue on the ground, e.g. the Registry’s temporary suspension of abandonment orders resulting from this recent exercise, we have taken this turn of events very seriously and initiated a major review/verification in respect of all pending Indian trade marks under our care. In case any of such marks are affected, we will make representations before the Registrar seeking rectification of the Registry’s records, and thereafter report to such affected clients accordingly. While (as the saying goes) no news is good news in this regard, we would be happy to address any specific questions regarding this matter which may be directed to .