Why do Trademarks Need to be Registered?

Why do Trademarks Need to be Registered?

(Written by: Hamta Thiruchelvam)

Trademark registration is crucial not only to protect your business but also to empower it.

Trademark registration is often overlooked by business owners, or it might be the last thing that comes to their mind while making their way into marketplace. So, let us tell you why trademark registration should be a priority in your business planning.

Firstly, in a sea of competitors, trademark is a communication tool for your business to convey the idea and purpose of your products and services marketed to the consumers. It helps them to recognize, identify and possibly choose your products and services over your competitor’s.

Secondly, trademark registration provides exclusive rights and legal protection to its owner. As such, registering your trademark does not only prevents others from stealing your brand but also prevents you from unintentionally infringing your rival’s brand which may end in costly court cases and settlement.

On the third point, digital marketing of your brand will be much more effective with trademark registration. Once you have become the lawful owner of your trademark, digital marketing gets much easier as nobody else would be able to use your registered brand name on online platforms such as the e-commercial sites or social media.

As the business grows and expand, successful registration of trademark in the country of your primary business operations would facilitate registration of the trademark in other countries of your interest. Also, trademark registration adds value to your business if you are thinking of franchising, licensing or even when exiting your business at some point.

Lastly, trademark registration provides an inexpensive lifelong protection to your branding of business. Once a trademark is successfully registered, it remains valid forever as long the trademark is renewed every 10 years. Trademark is an asset that enhances the value of your business and brand over time that should not be neglected.